Custom Creations

Riverside Clubhouse

Park Nicollet Shakopee Clinic, Shakopee, MN

The director of the clinic approached me because he had seen another piece of mine in another health setting and wanted a custom piece for their pediatric waiting area. A meeting with staff revealed that they wanted to embrace a theme that reflected the nature of the area surrounding the clinic, specifically the Minnesota River Valley.

I took a walk through a refuge along the river and observed a turtle lay some eggs in the sand; a frog who jumped across my path; a raccoon who spied on me from his perch high; a beaver lodge (although the beavers remained concealed), as well as numerous birds and other types of wildlife. While anthropomorphizing these critters, I assigned each one a certain obvious power: beavers cut wood; turtles are strong; frogs are very flexible and have long legs; woodpeckers can make holes and nail stuff; owls are very smart though sleepy; and raccoons are very crafty and good with their hands. Then I contemplated what they would build if they could all work together. And as I often do, I slept on it. In the morning, the answer was apparent: Why of course!! They would build a treehouse! As so was born Riverside Clubhouse.