Gifts for the Holidays


Tree Snowflake Ornament

Star Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Ornament

Walnut Rocking Horse Ornament

Paduk Rocking Horse Ornament

Maple Rocking Horse Ornament

Mahogany Rocking Horse Ornament

Heart Ornament

Swallow Ornament


Puzzles by Cecilia Schiller

Dragon Puzzle: Blue/Orange

Dragon Puzzle: Green/Pink Border

Dragon Puzzle: Green/Yellow

Dragon Puzzle: Orange/Yellow

Dragon Puzzle: Paint it Yourself

Dragon Puzzle: Yellow/Blue

Horse Puzzle: Dyed

Horse Puzzle: Hand-Painted

Reindeer Puzzle: Dyed

Reindeer Puzzle: Hand-Painted

Wintry Scene Puzzle with Black Border

Wintry Scene Puzzle with White Border

Wall Hanging Automata

Compassion Prayer Automaton


Love Flies Across the Ocean


Love Makes the World Go Round


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