Automata by Cecilia Schiller

Part of juried exhibition: “A Cache of Curious Characters”

My piece “Prima Ballerina” was selected to be part of the upcoming juried show, “A Cache of Kinetic Art: Curious Characters” at the Morris Museum in Morristown, New Jersey. Morris Museum is home to the world-renowned Murtogh D. Guinness Collection of Mechanical Musical Instruments and Automata.

“A Cache of Kinetic Art” is a juried show, developed and curated by Michele Marinelli, Curator and Jere Ryder, Conservator, of the Guinness Collection. “Curious Characters” specifically focuses on the expression of distinctive figural forms, from traditional to abstract. Each of the esteemed jurists brought their distinct perspectives to judging this exhibition; the jurists are Lizbeth Krupp of Boston, a patron of the arts, collector, and founder of Krupp Family Foundation, Richard Garriott of New York, a video game developer, entrepreneur, collector and astronaut, and Dawn Delikat of New York, Associate Executive Director at Pen & Brush gallery. The criteria for judgment comprise a variety of different factors including creativity, originality, theme interpretation, craftsmanship, mastery of medium and visual impact.

After individual scoring, final selections were made for inclusion in A Cache of Kinetic Art: Curious Characters. There were 16 artists and 27 artworks selected: Wade Warman (ME), Randall Cleaver (MD), Eliza Twitchell (NM), Michael Croft (AZ), Aaron Kramer (CA), Bradley Litwin (PA), Steven Parker and Anthony Lent (NY), John Morgan (AL), Cecillia Schiller (MN), Chris Fitch (MA), Lawrence Berzon (NJ), Brett King (NC), David Dumbrell (Canada), Laura Zelaya (Argentina), Antonios Chalyvidis (Greece), and Geoffrey Drake-Brockman (Australia).

“This ground-breaking exhibit will be one of the most intense, well-rounded gatherings of kinetic artworks under one roof that anyone has ever experienced. Something not to miss, if you appreciate art that moves,” Jere Ryder enthusiastically states.

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