Automata by Cecilia Schiller

the Magician and his Assistant

Sweet Dance



My Turn

Seeking Solace and Inspiration in the Office of Doctor Flowers


Night and Day in the North Woods

Rowing Across the Big Lake

Let it Snow!

Winter’s Twilight

Water is Life

Oh Deer!

Catchin’ A Wave

Riverside Clubhouse

Catch a Wave

Riding a Ray of Sunshine

Beabie Loves to Skijor

A Walk in the Park


The Nose Knows

Dragon Emerges from the Sea

Good Morning Sunshine

Donation Box for Landmark Center

The Beast

Team Work

Wake Up and Smell the Roses (for Her)

Monkey Man Talks and Thinks at the Same Time

Wake Up and Smell the Roses (for Him)

Wake Up him CU © Cecilia Schiller