Catchin’ A Wave

2016 · Wheel is 6 feet tall, mini-golf course hole approximately 18' X 12' · Powder-Coated Steel and Aluminum, Vacuum-formed poly-carbonate funnel, bent-steel ramp.

My design for “Catchin’ A Wave”, was selected out of 250 entries to be included as one of the 18 holes in Can-Can Wonderland’s mini-golf course. My goal was to create a fun hole in which the player can see their ball as it travels through the multi-dimensional hole. I built a large rotating aluminum wave wheel that straddles a flowing stream of water. The golfer starts on one side of the stream and must hit their ball into a basket which feeds it onto the wave wheel. The wheel takes it up, over and deposits it onto a ramp where it rolls across a rocky landscape, into a whirl pool that spins it around and around and finally it rolls onto the green on the other side of the stream. With luck, it’s a hole-in-one.