Automata at Marc Adams School of Woodworking

September 9
September 13, 2024

Marc Adams School of Woodworking

5504 East, 500 North Franklin, Indiana 46131-7993

Create a Whimsical Automaton with Cecilia Schiller

Automata are wonderful whimsical machines that spring to life at the turn of a crank to the delight of friends and family! Join Cecilia for a five-day exploration of the art of making wooden machines and the mechanisms that make them move. Starting with the design process in cardboard, students will learn mechanical principles by creating simple cams and levers. Then Cecilia will guide students as they develop their own ideas to create a unique automaton! Beginning with a basic cabinet, students will draw, drill, cut and assemble cams, levers and other necessary components to create the mechanisms, as well as design and carve their own figure/animal/creature to dance/fly/run atop their amazing joy machine.

For more details and to Sign-Up: Marc Adams School of Woodworking

Cost: $950
Materials Fee: $90

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