Seeking Solace and Inspiration in the Office of Doctor Flowers

2020 · 25" X 20" X 20" · Wood, paper, wire

In the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic it’s not uncommon for anyone to be seeking solace and inspiration. I found mine in the office of Doctor Flowers. Sometimes all we need is someone to patiently listen to our troubles in order to connect with our own inner strength and “Flowering”.

This piece is heavy on the details: Notice the diplomas and awards on the walls as well as the books and decorative details that all point to Dr. Flowers’ theory of the healing potential of flowers. The floral wallpaper serves the dual purpose of softening the atmosphere in the therapeutic office as well as covering up the connecting points of the gear supports on the other side of the wall. Below the surface a set of gears slows down the momentum and a series of cams guides the levers that create the action.