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Automata @ Marc Adams School of Woodworking

Marc Adams School of Woodworking 5504 East, 500 North

Automata are wonderful whimsical machines that spring to life at the turn of a crank to the delight of friends and family! Join Cecilia for a five-day exploration of the art of making wooden machines and the mechanisms that make them move.


3-day Automata Class with Cecilia Schiller

Fargo Air Museum 1609 19th Avenue North, Fargo

Experience the whimsy and wonder of a sculpture that seems to have a life of its own! Automata are a source of joy, whimsy and wonder! Learn some basic principles about mechanical movement and create your own simple wooden machine that will delight and amaze! Cecilia will provide a simple kit with mechanical components and you carve a figure or an abstract sculptural form in wood to complete the design.